Coast Guard rescues 2 after storm runs their boat aground

Published 11-01-2018

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP) - The Coast Guard says it hoisted 2 men aboard one of its helicopters after the men's sailing vessel was dismasted in a storm and run aground on Matagorda Island.

The incident happened Wednesday evening as a severe storm blew up as the men were sailing their 37-foot vessel in a Houston-to-Port Aransas regatta. The Coast Guard air station in Corpus Christi received a call from the ship's owner reporting that he and a crew member were stranded on Matagorda Island in the middle of a storm after they lost their mast and ran aground. The owner reported concerns of possible hypothermia.

The men were flown to an airport in Port Lavaca and turned over to emergency medical services personnel in stable condition.

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