Corpus Christi Texas Hilton Garden Inn

A double hotel complex with 196 guest rooms is proposed for an above-ground car park just south of Whataburger Field. The SEA District Hotel Group is managed by Deven Bhakta, who also owns ZJZ Hospitality, which is supporting the project and the soon-to-be-completed facilities of Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi.

As someone who has stayed at the property before, I am sure others have told me that the Hilton Garden Inn is a great place to eat for guests and a good place to sleep.

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The bottom line is that I would advise everyone to stay away until we can rearrange the hotel and run it better. I know I want to return to Corpus Christi sometime in the future, but I will never live in this property again. If I do, I will definitely book my next Corpus Christi hotel again through HotelTonight!

I don't think I would have reviewed Trip Advisor if I had never had the opportunity to use a Hilton accommodation in the US. Booking last minute accommodation is always easier with HotelTonight because you always have it in your pocket.

I envy the locals Corpus Christi, I didn't see everything that there is to do in the city, but I felt I had to experience everything. I asked them about their favorite areas in the cities and they took me to the most popular places in downtown Corpusco, the Hilton Garden Inn. I had no chance to really get experience with any of them, just a short tour of the hotel and a few hours of shopping.

I love spending an afternoon on Mustang Island, which is why it's such a popular beach destination for Texans. I am glad to have been able to make a short detour to Corpus Christi to enjoy this relaxed and carefree beach town.

This is the place to be if you want to get out of town and immerse yourself in this small island paradise. On Corpus Christi, it is hard to resist the urge to venture to the island of Mustang for a few hours of sun, sand and good food and drink.

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