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The world-famous Tejano singer, who once called Corpus Christi home, is celebrating his 100th birthday with a two-day music festival. The long-running Texas Jazz Festival, the largest and most successful jazz festival in the world, will take the stage at this event.

This three-day event is located in the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas and has been in operation since the annual end-of-April event in 1938 and is one of the oldest and most successful cultural events of Corpus Christi. This annual event includes live music, dance, food, crafts, a children's playground and much more. Listen to cultural music in Greek at this annual celebration of the Greek New Year.

The whole museum is not mentioned, but you can take a photo with the Easter bunny while exploring it, or take photos with the favorite Easter bunny.

This year, there is an annual music and cultural event that offers travellers of all ages plenty of fun. This is a virtual 5k where wearing costumes with your dog is highly recommended. The legs are about 4.4 miles long, but if you feel powerful, you can complete the entire marathon on your own. Beach by the Bay is one of the most popular events in Corpus Christi, Texas, attracting runners from all over the country and the world.

Residents and winter guests alike love this annual event, where speakers enjoy a day of music, food, drinks and fun with friends and family at the Corpus Christi Convention Center. Residents and winter visitors love the annual events, where speakers enjoy food and drink with family and friends at a citywide event.

How to avert potential problems in your vegetable garden in the spring to maximize your crop, with tips from experts at the Texas Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (TXDNR).

The four-day event, which includes guided bird watching and a variety of activities for children and adults, celebrates the start of the new year with the annual Corpus Christi parade. The celebrations begin with a children's parade and run through the main street of the city, from the main street to the city centre. The festival ends on a boat decorated with colourful lights and other Christmas decorations, an appropriate way to celebrate the season in the city of CorpusChristi.

St. John's Mardi Gras 5k is sponsored by St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, located at the corner of Yorktown Blvd and Everhart Road. The fun begins on the sand of North Padre Island and ends with a parade through the streets of Corpus Christi and downtown to the Corpus Christi Convention Center.

K Run / Walk enables Agape Ranch to raise awareness in the community about foster care and adoption issues. Support Ascent helps children with developmental problems to get the support they need to build a successful, independent life. Work by helping to raise awareness for foster and vulnerable children throughout the coastal area.

As part of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, join us in concluding the 5K and 10K Virtual Anti-Trafficking Day. Join us on April 1, April 2 and April 3 for Human Trafficking Awareness Day. On Easter Sunday, on 4 April, there will be the opportunity to take part in a 5 km walk in honour of the victims of human trafficking.

If you can't pick up your package on Friday, you can pick it up at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, located on the south side of Corpus Christi, north of the intersection of Interstate 35 and I-35. Due to last year's date, we should be picking up our parcels on Saturday, April 1st, but please check the website and call first, as this may have changed. If you cannot be picked up by Friday, we will receive your packages on Sunday, May 2, 2017, at the same time as the 5K and 10K Virtual Anti-Packages. Trafficking Day, so please check our website for the latest information on this event and for changes to the schedule. Based on the events of the past year and by what date we should hold our packages for our Virtual Anti-Trafficking Day in 5K and 10K, then you should hold them on Monday 5 June 2016. This may change and please check the website or call us before you do so because this may change.

This race is designed as a challenge race, so participants and teams can run the race several times and submit better times.

If you know of missing persons, would like to add them or correct information, please let us know and we will post it in the comments below. We always confirm with our sponsors that the event is still taking place and the situation is changing quickly, but often there are last minute changes that are not always reported. If many egg searches do not publish the current year and date at the last minute or simply never respond to our email, we cannot get back their current information, so we have very limited information available on their website. As always, visit our website or call us before you confirm your information and visit the website for the confirmed information.

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